How To Incorporate Perforated Metal In Your Interior Home Design

perforated-metalGreen is the new interior home design trend that keeps renewing itself. In other words, it’s not just a fad, it’s here to stay.

There are so many reasons to go green in your interior design: respect for the environment, energy efficiency, and return on investment, to name a few. But one of the biggest reasons to go green from a designer’s perspective is the vast selection of environmentally friendly materials available today. Many of these materials offer design possibilities that transcend the usual and make for innovative and striking — as well as sustainable — interior effects.


Perforated Metal – the “Surprise” Green Material


One of the most exciting green materials to catch the attention of forward-thinking designers today is perforated metal. You might be surprised to think of metal as green. However, it can be very eco-friendly.


  • Metal is 100 percent recyclable.
  • Metal components and materials are frequently up to 100 percent recycled as well.
  • Metal is easy to clean without using harsh chemicals.
  • Metal is an exceptionally durable material that can stay looking good for decades.
  • Perforated metal can be used in many ways that significantly improve a building’s energy efficiency.
  • Perforated metal sheets use far less material than their solid counterparts.
  • Perforated metal is lightweight and burns less fuel to transport as well.


The design potential of perforated metal is virtually unlimited. Let’s explore some of the interesting and beautiful ways designers have found to put this unique material to good use in the home environment.


9 Perforated Metal Interior Design Ideas


  1. Perforated metal decorative wall paneling. Tired of the same old, tired wall surface options? Perforated metal wall cladding can create an eye-popping accent for a home office, living room or any room in the house. The effect can vary from rustic to futuristic, depending on your choice of metal, patina and pattern — and the many combinations provide almost endless possibilities from which to choose.
  2. Sliding perforated metal doors. Take the sliding barn door look up a notch by using perforated metal panels instead. Perfect for spaces where consistent air flow is a priority.
  3. Perforated metal stair treads. There’s no need for your stairwell to interfere with daylighting your home. Whether it is a stairway up to a loft, a spiral staircase or deck steps outside a basement window, perforated metal combines the strength and durability that a structural stairway requires with exceptional light transmission.
  4. Metal artwork. Perforated metal makes an inspiring material for artists, both on its own or in combination with other metals and eco-friendly materials. Why not commission a piece for your home?
  5. Perforated metal lampshades. Perforated metal makes a stunning lampshade material due to its light-reflecting qualities and the large selection of patterns available. Try pairing it with a base of reclaimed material or found objects. It’s durable, too!
  6. Cabinet grills. Use perforated metal panels as the doors and front panels for cabinets and pull-out drawers. They are especially good to use anywhere you want to encourage air circulation.
  7. Railing accents. Perforated metal makes a practical and beautiful fill material for railing applications, especially where small children or pets are concerned. The perforations allow for visibility, while the metal panels protect from falls.
  8. House plant havens. Why not go green in more ways than one? Living plants make the ultimate environmentally friendly home décor, and perforated metal is a perfect material to compliment them. How about an open bookcase with perforated metal shelves, filled with plants and placed in front of a picture window? The metal is sturdy enough to support even heavy clay pots, while the perforations allow maximum light to pass through to plants on the next level. Consider, too, training vines up a perforated metal panel — an elegant statement for patio or porch.
  9. Window shades. With its light-reflective properties, metal shades can significantly reduce the amount of solar heat entering a home in warm, sunny climates. At the same time, the perforations allow cooling breezes to enter the home.


Many of the applications above can result in fantastic and beautiful light effects. Many others can actually reduce your energy bills. All provide a unique, eco-friendly and practical change from traditional home décor materials sure to spark many a conversation. And, this is just a starting list of perforated metal home design ideas. What additional ways can you think of to use it?


Author bio: Damon Henrikson is Director of Marketing at Accurate Perforating Company in Chicago, IL. He brings more than 10 years of experience in the manufacturing space and over five years of experience within the perforated metal industry. Accurate Perforating produces a variety of metal products for commercial and home use.