How To Choose the Right Windows for Your Home


JroppoWhether you’re getting ready for a window replacement project for your property or building a new home, choosing the right windows can seem like a major task. You’ll need to decide whether you want fiberglass, vinyl or wood-clad, but the decisions don’t end there. Homeowners also need to choose the right style window and grille. Learn more about the specific styles that work for each property type so you can keep it looking great.


What Type Of Window For A Tudor Home?


If you have a Tudor style, your windows will likely be double hung styles with a pattern near the top of the glass or casement styles with six to eight panes or simulated-divided -lights separated by muntins. Muntins are small strips of metal or wood that hold each individual pane of glass in place or mimic the look of individual panes of glass, however they can also be called glazing bars, grilles, grids or muntin bars. A casement window will open from the side to provide a large vertical opening, while double hung styles can open from either the top or the bottom, allowing homeowners to customize the breeze that comes into their house.


Do You Have A Modern Property? 


Modern windows use single, large panes of glass without any grilles or other adornments. The look is clean, sleek and modern and provides an unobstructed view of the outdoors, which is great if you’re trying to keep an eye on your kids playing outside.


What Type For A Farmhouse?


If you have a farmhouse, your property is built for function and simplicity. Windows in a farmhouse are typically two panes of glass divided by a muntin in the middle. It’s not uncommon for a farmhouse to feature double hung styles to create a breeze through the house from both the top and the bottom.


What Style Works In A Craftsman House?


Many styles work in a Craftsman home — from large picture windows that don’t actually open to functional ones that use a combination of full panes on the bottom and divided panes at the top. It’s not uncommon for a working window to be a double hung style so homeowners can choose to open them from the top or the bottom.


Do You Have a Prairie House?


If you have a prairie style home, the casement style is right for your house. They’re typically simple and plain, but may have a grid pattern along the sides to add some visual interest.


What Type Of Windows For A Cape Cod Or Colonial?


Double hung styles are common for a Cape Cod or Colonial home, and these are typically made of six individual panes of glass separated by muntins. Some of these houses may even have a non-functional picture window at the front of the house to add a bit of visual interest.


What Style For A Victorian?


If you have a true Victorian or just a Victorian style home, a window may include special touches to add visual interest, including colored glass accents, fanlights and diamond-patterned grids. The beauty and light shines through easily, creating a one of a kind look for your home.


No matter what style of home you have, it’s important to choose the right windows. If you’re still not sure which type is right for your house, work with a window replacement company. They’ll be knowledgeable about which style will¬†maximize the return on your investment when it’s time to sell your home.


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